Floating Galaxy Moons are Here!

Floating Galaxy Moons are Here!

What if you can't make your mind up purchasing the floating moon lamp or a galaxy moon light stand? What about both in one? Now it's here!


Soft and smooth LED light, a fancy and special decoration for your home, office, conference room, auditorium, canteen, and guesthouse, with romantic visual effects, suitable for both families and friends.

PLA material extracted from corn stalks, the lamp is made by innovative 3D printing technology, layer by layer stack, restore the true appearance of the moon.
The moon light continuously revolve in space inspiring wonder and amazement. Make you feel perfect high-tech thing.
Wireless transmission tech, the moon light floats with 10mm-15mm ground clearance above the base, powered through the air via induction, lights controlled by the touched button.
Get rid of charge cables by high-efficient wireless charging, which is low-heat and highly steadily.


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